Special Events

The Good Samaritan Program depends solely on donations from friends and supporters.

“This event is truly a blessing to those in need, and so is everyone who participates,” Nance said. “We are so grateful for those who support this event each year. Remember, one person's junk is another's found treasure. Help make this event a success."

One in four residents living in Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s assisted living and health care neighborhoods are supported in some way through the Good Samaritan Program. This equates to more than $4 million a year of unreimbursed care and services needing Good Samaritan support.

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America relies on charitable contributions to bridge the gap for residents who have outlived their financial resources through no fault of their own. Contributions to the Fort Scott Presbyterian Village Good Samaritan Program make it possible for residents to continue to live at Fort Scott Village regardless of their ability to pay.