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Since its very beginning, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America residents have benefited from private philanthropic gifts. A donation of land helped fund the purchase and development of the first campus in Newton, Kansas, in the early 1950s. Many donors are carrying forward a tradition of giving that began with family members generations ago.

Whether earmarked for a specific purpose or for general support, private philanthropy continues to make the critical difference. It’s one way that PMMA can bridge the gap between what government programs cover and what care actually costs. Philanthropy also helps improve facilities; provide opportunities for spiritual growth; and weather economic downturns, as well as changes in state and federal funding.

Make a difference

PMMA offers multiple opportunities for donors to support the mission. Learn more on the How to Give page, or use the link below to make a donation now.

Donors may designate their gift for a specific community.

Donate to Fort Scott senior living online

For more information, contact:
PMMA Development
Phone: 800-336-8511
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