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A new perspective

Janet Braun is a very familiar face around Fort Scott Presbyterian Village. First, when her parents lived here as two of the first residents. Then, as a board member and volunteer who dedicated countless hours to improve quality of life. Now, while she’s still a board member, she’s also a resident herself!

“I always knew this is where I’d want to take the next step in my journey. I knew I would call this ‘home’ someday,” said Janet. “But it came a little sooner than I thought. I was willing, but not as ready as I thought I’d be.”

Even though Janet had long planned on moving to Fort Scott Presbyterian Village when she was no longer comfortable living on her own, it was a hospital stay that brought the move to fruition.

“I have asthma, and during a bad bout of it, I had to be hospitalized. My son, who’s an attorney, sat me down and said, ‘Mom, it’s time.’ It was hard to hear, but in my heart, I knew it was right,” said Janet. “And it wasn’t just about me. It made my children feel very good, because I was living alone before. They like it better that another pair of eyes will see me, and if I need anything, it’s right here.”

Janet has been living with us since October and is very happy with her decision.

“I knew this place so well before, but my perspective has really changed since moving in—in a good way. The staff is wonderful, and there are a lot of activities if you choose to participate. I like to go to bingo, and I go to exercise class three times a week. I especially like the educational seminars, like the one they’re having where they’re teaching us all the features on our cell phones,” said Janet.

In addition to her Presbyterian Village activities, Janet is still able to get out and about to participate in her many community activities.

“I’m still on the local school board, the Good Ol’ Days committee, Rotary, and more. Living at Presbyterian Village hasn’t put a damper on my community involvement, and I’m perfectly happy here. I moved in and made the transition really quickly. I have the same amount of room in my apartment that I actually used in my house.”

We’re happy Janet has made her move “home” to Presbyterian Village!

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