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Assisted living offers alternative to in-house rehabilitation

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Living room in an apartment at Fort Scott Presbyterian Manor[/caption]

When Mercy Hospital stopped offering in-house rehabilitation services for patients after an illness or injury, many area residents were left not knowing where to turn for this resource. But we have a solution that may be just what you or a loved one are looking for.

“People now have limited options for therapy in the Fort Scott area, and they sometimes think their only option is to go to the nursing home for a skilled therapy stay. Although that can be a good option for some, it’s not a good answer for everyone,” said Ginger Nance, executive director of Fort Scott Presbyterian Village. “Presbyterian Village can offer another option for therapy in a much less restrictive environment, in a private apartment with a home-like feeling.”

Through a partnership with Mercy Hospital, they can send physical and/or occupational therapists to Presbyterian Village to help people get stronger after a hospital stay or other health problem.

In addition, Presbyterian Village engages in supportive therapy programs by using in-house equipment, or they can be transported to Health for Life, a fitness center at Mercy Hospital.

“The main idea we want to stress is that there are other options for strengthening and supportive rehabilitation besides within the nursing home setting. Presbyterian Village can offer a short-term stay for those folks who need a little extra support until they are able to return to their own home,” said Ginger.

For more information about in-house rehabilitation services at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village, contact Ginger Nance at 620-223-5550 or

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