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Bringing joy to new opportunities

March is National Nutrition Month and what better time to shine a spotlight on our dining services director, Joy Ngatia. Joy has been dedicated to giving Fort Scott Presbyterian Village residents a wonderful dining experience for eight years, but with recent changes in how food is prepared, her duties have changed dramatically.

"With the hospital closing, we now prepare all of our food in house," said Joy. "We used to have a contract with the hospital, and they would deliver their prepared food here, but that's all changed."

Even though Joy faces some new challenges, she faces them as she's always done, with a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

"My goal for the future is to see that my [dining] department is in compliance with the mission statement of PMMA, but to also ensure that the residents are given great care with the highest standards from the [dining] department. Mostly though, I want to show our residents how much they are loved with a hug and smile."

We appreciate the efforts of Joy and our entire dining department!

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