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Bringing the Benefits of Massage to Presbyterian Village

By Margretha Koehn, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Relieving pain is the primary goal of massage therapy.[/caption]

My story begins more than 30 years ago. I was asking what I really needed to do with my life, and I felt called to help people feel better. I started learning about natural health using nutrition and holistic approaches. I first took training for reflexology. It is amazing how God created us to have reflexes of our whole body on our hands, feet, ears and head! The feet are the easiest to work on for reflex points.

Then, more than 20 years ago I was in an automobile accident, and I had a bad whiplash back injury. The doctor’s treatment plan was helping some, but then one day I could hardly straighten up. He recommended a massage. I had so much relief after my first massage, I instantly knew that was what I needed to do with my life! I went to different massage therapists in the area to decide which school I wanted to attend. I decided on one in Joplin, Mo., and learned the basics of many different massage types.

It has been an interesting journey. I have attended classes across the country and met many neat people over the years and have learned a lot from them. It always amazes me how our bodies react and things I can do to help people be healthy and be what they were created to be. I have been trained in reflexology, therapeutic massage, Swedish Eslen style, pediatric massage, geriatric massage, sports injuries, acupressure, quantum touch, and muscle release technique. I combine them to do what it takes to give each person the relief they are looking for.

With God’s help, I have been able to relieve pain for many people and educate them on additional stretches to enable the muscles to return to a normal state.

My goal is to help as many people as I can to live more pain-free lives and be able to do what they enjoy doing physically.

I work in both Kansas and Missouri bringing relief to people of all ages. I offer both table and chair massage, and I am available by appointment at 417-667-8505.

I’m located on the lower level at the Fort Scott Presbyterian Village, 2401 S. Horton by appointment.

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