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Creativity at your fingertips

Dreaming is not just for the young. No matter the years of wisdom or number of wrinkles, dreaming is hope for the future. Sometimes, dreaming just needs a little encouragement.

At Presbyterian Village, we are encouraging residents to share what dreams still tug at their heart. You may be surprised to learn most of their dreams are simple and achievable, not elaborate experiences.

And the list of hopes we have heard is vast. For one resident, it just took a little creativity.

Last month we granted the first dream of what we hope will be a new Presbyterian Village program to resident Minnie Lou Allen.

The creative side of life is old hat for Minnie Lou. She has a history of painting on canvas and repurposing old things into something new and beautiful. She participates in the Art Is Ageless® program, has given her creations for gifts and even sold a few pieces.

A different kind of art was Minnie Lou’s dream – nail art. You’ve probably seen the artistic nails on employees, or maybe your granddaughter. Today nail art is a fashion statement and an accessory for many women. Nail salons are in every town with a list of clients craving a cadre of colors.

Minnie Lou started dreaming of her own nail art while admiring the nails of employee and Certified Medical Aide (CMA) Denise Morris.

“Denise has beautiful long nails that she routinely changes with unique artwork and colors.” Minnie Lou said. “I’m always anxious to see what Denise’s nails will be like each time she comes in to work.”

When the staff interviewed Minnie Lou to learn of her dreams, they quickly realized they could help. Team members carefully planned a “girl’s day out” for Minnie Lou and Denise that included a trip to the nail salon. Minnie Lou told all of her friends, even as far as Oregon, of the experience she was about to have.

Local salon favorite, helped Minnie Lou select a favorite pink design.  The nail technician was so patient and kind. She explained each step of the process along the way and the result was one that Minnie Lou and Denise will never forget.

Dreams were made that day for one resident, but it just might be as special of a memory for Denise as well.

“It blesses my heart that such small things we take for granted can mean so much to someone else,” Denise said.  “The residents are a big part of my life. I will treasure this day spent with Minnie Lou.”

Minnie Lou will also treasure the day.

“I feel like a queen, waving my hands around for all to see and enjoy my beautiful nails,” she said. It is a proud moment as the Village kicks off a program to help residents discover dreams and experience special moments.

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