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Deep roots yield community care

Kenneth Keeney is not a philanthropist, but as a lifelong churchgoer, the virtue of sharing your own good fortune by helping others was strongly ingrained.

In thinking about making a charitable contribution, Kenneth felt he wanted to do the most good for the most people. When the opportunity to contribute to Fort Scott Presbyterian Village  presented itself, he chose to contribute because he can see firsthand what the benefits are to the people around him.

Kenneth wants people to know that Presbyterian Village is service-oriented. The staff are attuned to the residents, providing a myriad of activities and great care. He enjoys the family feel of living here; the residents, staff and volunteers fit together. He knew many of them prior to coming to live at Presbyterian Village. Having grown up on the family farm, Kenneth knew the strong sense of community he was coming back to after retiring from his insurance underwriting profession with AAA of lowa. Since 1901, his family owned the farm and participated in community life. He went to grade school, high school and junior college all in Fort Scott. Those are some strong roots!

Kenneth states, "If anyone wants to help others, Presbyterian Village is a good way to do it. They go a long way to help seniors, especially during the COVID crisis. While we have to be constrained, staff are keeping us comfortable. We can all do our part to make things better. Keep up the good work!"

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