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Experienced Nurse Finds expert care at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village

Michelle Stockstill is an LPN with 29 years of experience with a long and full career in retirement communities - but she’s found at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village a level of care and concern for residents that’s rare.  

“I’m amazed all the time,” Michelle said. “The staff is wonderful. You always wish you could have 10 of that one person, and they’re all here. Everyone here is that person.”

Michelle knew she wanted to be a nurse from the age of three, and she began volunteering as a candy striper at 12 years old. In high school, she worked as a medication aide and continued her path to becoming a nurse after graduation. She was only a semester away from obtaining her RN degree when she had a son - but she continued to turn her passion for others into a career. Throughout her journey, Michelle has served in a number of roles, including as the  director of an assisted living facility. When her family moved, she decided to go back to being a floor nurse.

In June, Michelle had knee surgery and was ready to come back to work after her recovery. But she hit a cow, and suffered four compression fractures. The doctors didn't think she would be able to continue working as a nurse. However, when PMMA reached out to her, she thought it seemed like a good fit.

“When I was the director, I did everything,” Michelle said. “Here, I was like ‘Wow, there’s all these people working.”

Since starting at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village, Michelle has been amazed by the staff's wonderful work ethic.

“There’s no drama,” Michelle said. “It’s great. People aren’t on their phones all the time. You don’t have to tell people to do things - they’ve already done it. They’ve already taken care of those residents' needs. It’s the best staffing I’ve seen in my entire career and I’ve had some good staffing."

The front-line staff is very involved and in tune with what residents need, and this is seamlessly passed on to the director of nursing, which ensures everyone is on the same page. Michelle feels that everyone works together like family.

"It’s effortless. It’s like a family,” Michelle said. “If a resident needs something, everyone says ‘I can do that.’"

Michelle's passion for nursing comes from doing what's right for her patients.

"There are companies that I didn’t work for very long,” Michelle said. “I’ve never been here just for a check. I can’t do that. I always ask if these are the services I’d want my mother to have."

Michelle has two grown sons and three grandchildren. She loves working out in the yard and taking care of guests at her AirBnB.

“People say I’m the "hostess with the mostest,’" Michelle said.

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