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Family reunion a dream come true for our resident

Mary Fagg moved to the Presbyterian Village from Garnett, KS to have the security of knowing help is only steps away. Although she loves her large deluxe apartment and the new friends she has made, she still felt something was missing.
Miles, time, and the pandemic seemed to separate not only Mary and her family, but many families across the United States.  
Mary spent many hours during that time thinking about her family and longing to see everyone again. She had already lost one daughter, who she had not seen for more than 40 years, and she was determined that she was not going to allow her family to be separated any longer! Mary wanted to be sure her grandkids and great grandkids would know her and have fond memories of her to last a lifetime.
After Mary was asked by the Presbyterian Village if she had a dream that we could help fulfill, she was quick to know exactly what she wanted. She wanted a reunion with her family, including the grandchildren, great grandchildren she had been separated from for so many years.
Mary’s children and friends at the Village began putting their heads together to make plans for how, when, and where her family, so many miles apart, could gather. Soon we found it was hard to find a date that would work for everyone.
The day came when it seemed God moved a mountain and the date was set by the family to meet in Topeka, where they would share a meal and make new lasting memories together.
What a glorious day that was for Mary! As you can see from the pictures, she was proud to show love to her family as the four generations of family members reconnected for the day.  Mary won’t soon forget the wonderful moment they could share together. Congratulations to Mary and her family!
If you have a dream that you would like to fulfill, please contact Angela Carpenter our Life Enrichment Director. Whether it’s something big or simple, we want to hear about it because you matter to us!

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