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Food for thought for the New Year

As another new year begins, we asked residents for their advice, insights, and resolutions for the turning of the calendar.

Minnie Lou Allen offered a nice list to consider at the top of the fresh new year.

1. Random Acts of Kindness should be done throughout the day.

2. Sitting on the porch swing under grandma's quilt makes the January snowy days warmer.

3. Awaken your inner soul.

4. A New Year for a simpler life. Rest and relax with your favorite book.

5. January is the month to cook organic.

6. Join your family around the table this year rather than eating in the car.

7. For your wellness may you enjoy a winter of grounding outside with your hands or feet.

8. Some folks are hunters, others are gatherers. I have been green for years.

9. During COVID shutdown flowers kept me alive. They needed feeding, they needed watering, rotated in the sun, and I could talk to them for company.

10. Identify the good things in your life and appreciate them often.

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