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Gift driven by a lifetime of example

Throughout her life, former Fort Scott Presbyterian Village resident Bettie Duvall instilled in her daughter a deep sense of community and the importance of helping others.

“I’m a believer in helping organizations that give care to other human beings,” said Bettie’s daughter, Tanya Duvall-Haubein. “I’ve always been like that. My mother and father taught me that. My father was community-minded and for its betterment, whether it was the community college, Chamber of Commerce, the old fort - I grew up with that. My mom was involved with church, the Girl Scouts, PEO, the fair board and the extension office. We had someone in the family in a nursing community all the time, and mom always helped take care of them.”

When Bettie began suffering the effects of memory loss, she called Fort Scott Presbyterian Village home for more than a year. After that, she moved to be near her daughter in Missouri.

“Mom appreciated her time at Fort Scott,” Tanya said. “They took very good care of her.”

When the time came to make a financial gift in her mom’s name, extending the capacity of the caregivers at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village seemed like a natural choice.

“It was because of the appreciation for and the care needed for our caregivers — and what we’ve seen the past two years and what they do for our senior population,” Tanya said. “The gift to the Village was in appreciation for what they do for everyone I know who is there and the people who help our residents. I’m very impressed with everyone involved. I wanted to do something for them, especially after the past two years. Mom would agree with that — and it was an opportunity for her to show appreciation for everyone there.”

Tonya said her mom and dad were raised during the Great Depression. They began their married life renovating old homes at the end of a long workday.

“I didn’t know what a vacation was until I was in college,” Tanya laughed. “Mom was a homemaker, and she was involved in things that were important to her, all while keeping a nice home and garden.”

By making a gift in her mom’s name, Tanya feels like she is able to carry out the mission her mother taught her so well.

“She was supportive of all the things I did,” Tanya said. “I’m following in my father and mother’s footsteps and belief in giving back.”

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