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Love for Fort Scott Presbyterian Village

Betty Barnes has a love of Fort Scott Presbyterian Village, and has put in the volunteer hours to prove it.

Now more than ever it is important to surround ourselves with people we love. This past year has been very difficult, but has also allowed us to reflect on how a community can truly come together to show true love to those around them.

Betty Barnes became a resident one month after the Presbyterian Village opened its doors in March 1994. She was invested from the beginning and stood behind what PMMA could offer seniors in this area. Once she retired, she knew she didn’t want to live alone and maintain a house on her own. However, she still wanted to be independent and have a place to get together with others and be involved with activities.

For several years, Betty volunteered her time as religious services coordinator. She lined up volunteers to lead Bible study as well as pastors to lead Sunday church services. She also kept herself busy as a volunteer helper in the administration office. She has devoted her life to helping others.

“I love the fact that living at Presbyterian Village offers a secure place where my welfare is truly a concern to the staff,” Betty said. “All aspects of health are taken care of, including outstanding dietary service! The building and grounds are truly something to be proud of.”

Betty has a true love for Presbyterian Village, and her time and dedication has made an impact on other residents who live here.

Resident Gerald Cox said, “I love that we can still get together, even if we have to socially distance ourselves at this time. It’s coming together that counts.”  

Clarice Russell said she appreciates the “don’t have to” effect.

“I could cook and clean, but I love that I don’t have to! It’s nice having the help to get things done,” she said.

“The residents just feel like this is home,” Betty said. “Everyone helps and cares for one another.”

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