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Medical professional addresses questions about COVID-19

If one thing has become clear, it is that COVID-19 is not going away any time soon. In fact, it has just brought on more variants, questions, and confusion. It can all just become a bit overwhelming.

Dr. Randy Nichols was happy to share information about COVID-19. His mother, Bert Nichols, is a resident at Presbyterian Village.

On Aug. 16, Fort Scott Presbyterian Village invited Randy Nichols to an employee in-service. Randy was a practicing family doctor in the Fort Scott area for more than 30 years and now serves on the board at Via Christi.

With all the information out there on COVID-19, the new delta variant, and the vaccine, Presbyterian Village wanted to give its employees the opportunity to ask questions in a safe place. There is new information every day and many more misleading stories on social media platforms. Randy was able to speak to staff and clarify questions and concerns.  

These days, it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Employees had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Randy to get a better understanding of COVID-19 and the importance of getting vaccinated with the new delta variant circulating.

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