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Missionary shares message of hope

What a joy it was to meet Benedicter Mwikali Tsuma, a missionary from Malindi, Kenya. She recently spoke to the tenants and guests about her mission work in Kenya, to give food and clothing to villagers and she is also involved in helping with others' needs as the mission team sees necessary. She tells the villagers about God's word and is on a praise team in church. While she was at Presbyterian Village she shared a few praise songs in her language, "Kamba."

Bendedicter, along with six other missionaries from Kenya, parted ways once they landed at the airport in the U.S. Then they go to other states sharing with churches across the country about their missions back in Kenya.

Benedicter also shared her head dress and attire that is worn in her country. Each community will have their own attire, and the community Benedicter lives in is called the Massai community. This head dress and attire is for the married ladies of the community and they wear it for events such as weddings and other ceremonies. The single ladies from the community will only wear the head dress.

Thank you, Benedicter, for your time and testimony. What a treat!

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