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November artist of the month: Sally “Micki” Kraft

Every month, we're honored to display the work of a local artist in our lobby. Through the end of November, you're invited to come and enjoy the talents of Sally "Micki" Kraft, whose talented sewing projects are truly works of art.

Learn more about Sally:

“I was born in San Diego where I met my husband. We have 9 children, and there are three sets of twins. We lost one of our sons at birth and that was a very sad part of my life.

“It was when my children were young that I started sewing. At that point in my life, I sewed out of pure necessity. I have worked various jobs. My husband and I have lived in many different places including California and Texas.

“We sold our home in New Point Beach in 1990 and moved to Fort Scott. Some of my family has also moved to Kansas. Some live here in Fort Scott and some of them have moved to Nevada, Missouri.

“It was at this point in my life I started sewing for fun. I have always liked doing crafts but found no time because of my children. Once we moved to Fort Scott, I found myself bored, so I started to sew once again. I have set up a booth at the Farmers Market, and at the middle school extravaganza, where I sell stocking stuffers.

“I am truly excited to be able to share my work with Presbyterian Village as Artist of the Month. I am happy to be 77 years and still enjoying sewing and crafts.”

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