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Proud to call it my home

By Executive Director Ginger Nance

A large part of everything that occurs at Presbyterian Village is decided upon by a committee of tenants who voice their desires about topics that come up. It’s always an honor to get to serve with this group because there is never a chance of getting idle in our ways.

For many of us, our days are planned around meal times, regardless of our age. We know what we like and don’t like to eat, and we are a society that is comfortable in ordering from a menu much of the time.

At Presbyterian Village we have a Menu Committee who meet with a nutritionist every six weeks to determine tenants’ overall likes and dislikes of the food that is served. This group reviews the menus and offers suggestions, recipes and feedback so that we are serving meals that will be enjoyed by those who live here.

We have a group of tenants who meet with the Life Enrichment Coordinator monthly to talk about different outings, speakers, entertainers and other events they would like to see on the social calendar. This group loves to keep us active and stimulates our mind to continue to grow, meet people and live each day to the fullest.

Additionally, we have a Tenant Council that meets with the executive director monthly to discuss new programming they would like to see in place. This is a very visionary group that helps to keep Presbyterian Village leaders focused on what’s important to seniors today and keeps us moving in the direction of our purpose to help our tenants live “The way you want to live” so it’s more than a tagline – it’s a way of life.

Together these groups play a crucial role in developing the Presbyterian Village and helping it be a community that works toward improvements and overall tenant focus. Each group is unique, yet they all hold one common characteristic: the focus on others. Every tenant who serves on a committee comes with a mindset of serving others and helping to make Presbyterian Village a place they are proud to call “my home.”

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