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Remembering the easiest of friends

Bob and Judy Marshall were a joy to have at the Village.

I enjoyed getting to know both through the move in process and learning more about them and their lives as Bob loved spending time out on the back patio or in the front lobby talking to anyone who would listen. Judy and I connected over a love of tennis, theater, and the guilty pleasure of a delicious diner-style lunch at Nu Grille. She laughed when I told her that I regularly bought Jayhawk trinkets for my father, a staunch KSTATE fan, and that I also named my cows. Currently we have Lucy and her twins, Chocolate and Strawberry, that were born earlier this summer.

In one of my first conversations with Bob he made sure to mention that he had played basketball with Wilt Chamberlain and that the photo of him guarding Wilt was one of his favorites. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had no idea who that was then, but now I do, and I smile whenever I remember how he talked about his athletic years. Sometimes he would talk about flying planes. He knew my father had been a pilot through talking to him at the Fort Scott cattle sale barn.

The Marshalls could make friends with anyone and in one conversation have you feeling like you knew them your whole life. They will be missed along with Dana and their sweet dog, Beau, and Darcy and Dirk whenever they could be here. I am forever thankful they chose Fort Scott Presbyterian Village to be their last home.

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