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Resident’s gift points her in the right direction

No matter the stage of life, we all carry dreams in our hearts - and at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village we do what we can to make those dreams come true.

For resident Ruth Bahr, the dream was to have her own compass to help guide her around the grounds, or at least to help her see where “north” could be found.

“I wanted one, but I didn’t think they’d buy one for me,” Ruth said. “I hoped they’d let me use one for a few days. I wanted to know what way north was, and these aisles and rooms are not straight with the world.”

Ruth, who has lived at the Village for about four years, had asked her daughter to grab one from her home, but she didn’t have one.

“I never thought about it again until they came up with it,” Ruth said. “I could find my way around okay, but I’d turn a corner and know which direction it was. I used one before. My house wasn’t straight with the world - the corner was north and the other was south.”

The compass, which is set in a snowflake designed case, now resides in her apartment - where it changes location from time to time.

“I was completely surprised,” Ruth said. “It was a nice surprise.”

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