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Say hi to one of our newest residents

New resident Jean Vaughn says she’s eager to get out and meet her new friends and neighbors.

She moved into Fort Scott Presbyterian Village on Sept. 6, but due to not feeling well she hasn’t been able to get out much around others.

“I just haven’t felt well enough to get out,” Jean said. “So I’m adjusting. I didn’t really feel like doing or looking at anything when I first came in. It’s a blessing that I slept through all of it.”

But now that she’s feeling better, Jean is looking forward to getting out to know her neighbors and getting more involved in all the social events that the Village offers.

Before making the move to Fort Scott, Jean lived on a farm outside of Prescott, KS about 20 miles from Fort Scott.

“We had 240 acres, and my husband and I were retired bus drivers for the school,” Jean said. “My husband passed on March 21.”

While on the farm, Jean enjoyed keeping up with her yard and taking care of her flowers. She also likes to sew, read, and spend time with her children and grandchildren. Jean has belonged to several church organizations. “I’m hoping I can get back to doing some of that,” Jean said.

Before working as a bus driver, Jean worked for various insurance companies in Fort Scott. But her most memorable experience was her 10 years driving a school bus.

“It was fun work,” Jean said. “I really enjoyed spending time with the children. When I drove the school bus I prayed every morning for every child that rode my bus before starting out the day.”

She had one child who rode her bus that she particularly remembers. She knew he had a lot of problems. Jean had a box of quotes that a friend gave to her. Instead of saving it only for herself to enjoy, Jean gave that child a quote out of that box every day when he got on her bus. The young boy looked so forward to the quote he would receive from her when he boarded the bus and would sit down and read and re-read that quote all the way to school. Jean has always been known as a woman to make a loving impact on those around her. She still has that effect on others, of all ages, today.

Jean has a daughter who lives in Wamego, Kansas and two sons who live within four miles of the family farm. She also has eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Jean loves her family and is so proud of each one of them!

Be sure to take time to extend a warm Village welcome to our newest family member, Jean Vaughn!

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