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Slow and steady wins in love

Gerald and Billie Cox met their junior year of high school. They started talking to one another, then they became friends. Their love for each other grew slowly. Their senior year of high school they started going steady. They both lived in the country on their families’ farms, and their folks would come to town on Saturday evenings to do their trading. Gerald and Billie would ride to town with their parents and meet in town for their date.

After graduation, Gerald and Billie continued to go steady but went separate ways. Billie moved to Kansas City and went to work for Blue Cross Blue Shield where she worked in the billing department.

Gerald stayed on the family farm and also joined the Naval Air Reserve in Olathe, Kan. Gerald would go to Kansas City one weekend a month for reserves, where he stayed with his family who lived in Kansas City. While he was there, he would take Billie on a date.

Billie would return to Mound City on weekends except for the one weekend a month that Gerald came to Kansas City for reserves. They officially dated for two years before they got married on March 29, 1952. The wedding was held at the Methodist Church parsonage in Prescott, Kansas.

Gerald and Billie moved to Gerald’s family farm after the wedding, where they worked on the farm, and Gerald continued with the buying and selling of cattle. They were married for three years before their son was born. Three years later, they were blessed with their daughter. Gerald and Billie took their children to church at the Mantey Church, and family and God are very important to them.

When asked what advice they would give to a young couple just getting married, they said:

“I have told many young couples that you must learn to give and take,” said Billie.

“It goes both ways, for the bride and the groom,” said Gerald.

They enjoyed traveling and took their children with them often. They’ve been to 49 states but never had a desire to go to Hawaii. Gerald lived on his family farm for 85 years until he and Billie moved to Presbyterian Village.

“This is my home away from home now,” said Gerald.

He stays very active by going to the sale barn and he enjoys the environment of buying and selling cattle. Gerald has been buying and selling cattle since he was a little boy, and he is glad he can still go and enjoy the sale barn atmosphere every Saturday.

Billie enjoys her quilts, and she has made more than 50 quilts for her family. Billie also enjoys doing a daily journal entry about life’s journey. Billie enjoys doing crafts such as sewing, quilting by hand, crocheting afghans and more.

Presbyterian Village of Fort Scott along with Gerald and Billie Cox would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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