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Spare time turns into mission for Janice Ramsey

Some residents of Fort Scott Presbyterian Village have been very busy during the recent stay-at-home order.

Resident Janice Ramsey has not let social distancing leave her with idle hands. Instead, she’s been busy designing and sewing a batch of aprons for Easter and Mother’s Day. By the middle of April, she had sewn 16 aprons and planned to make even more.

Janice said the project is a good way for her to keep her mind off the news during the COVID-19 pandemic. The news changes day to day and sometimes hour to hour, and sewing gives her a creative and productive way to spend these unpredictable times.

As she has done during other big events throughout her life, Janice said she’s begun a journal in which she saves newspaper clippings about the day’s events. It might serve as a useful tool for her children to use to reflect on the experiences we all shared during this pandemic.

“But my children are adults, so there is no need for me to create a journal,” she mused. “I’m just staying home and staying safe.”

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