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Spend your summer vacation with us!

A respite stay can be a time of rest and recuperation for many during a time when many home health agencies are turning away new customers due to lack of staffing.

Instead of worrying about what to do in this situation, Presbyterian Village has the perfect answer: Spend your summer on vacation with a respite stay with us, free from all the worries you have at home!

A respite stay can be a time to relieve you from the burdens facing you at home such as summer mowing, weed eating, house maintenance, air conditioning repairs, not to mention the physical limitations you may have with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and other daily living tasks that have become so difficult to manage.

Give yourself permission to take a vacation from all the worry. Come check out our beautifully appointed apartment that could be ready for you to step into for a summer of relaxation.

Today, you may spend a large part of your day trying to do things that have become so hard at home. It may take you most of the day to simply get yourself up and going for the day. Trying to figure out what to do for a meal, or trying to do a load of laundry, much less running the vacuum or changing your linens, may all be tasks that have become next to impossible for you.

Tomorrow can be so much better and different for you.

Stop the madness and let us do the hard things! Let go of the constant struggle that leaves you exhausted by the end of the day. Instead, spend your evening out by the blooming flower garden and enjoy a summer ice tea overlooking the pond with a good book, or chatting with friends. It's really that easy to just let go of the hard things and let us take that on, leaving you with energy to do the things you love to do that you've been missing out on. Let us BBQ for you and just relax instead of worrying about all the hard things in your life. Spend your summer in a private luxurious apartment, designed with you in mind. Make the decision to go on vacation with us for the summer!

Call us for a reservation appointment and an assessment today at (620) 223-5550, or email

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