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The county fair is for all ages

Remember what fun it was when you were a kid going to the fair? The carnival rides, the cotton candy, the animals, the exhibits and all the friends you were there with? Imagine if you could still feel the fun of it all as an adult. Well, we’ve got news for you – you can!

It’s true that 4H clubs are indeed filled with youth members and many entries are of children with the projects they’ve been working on all year. However, Open Class exhibits allow people of all ages the chance to be involved in the county fair and continue to show your talents of all ages.

Ruth Bahr and many of our Presbyterian Village seniors work on projects all year, which can be entered in the Open Class exhibits. Kick up your heels this July and get involved in the county fair again from July 16 to 23. It’s so much fun!

Have fun entering your homemade cookies baked in your private apartment, the quilt you made over the snowy winter, the cross-stitch project you made for a new baby in the family, the vegetables or flowers you grew in the back garden at the Village, or the photo you took on your latest travel. And just getting out at the fair around all your friends is a gift worth experiencing! The sights, sounds and smells of the county fair can bring back wonderful memories of times forgotten.

Residents, staff and family members are encouraged to enter your items in the Open Class exhibits, which is held on Monday, July 18th from 2-6pm at the Myers Building at the Bourbon County Fair.

Contact Angela Carpenter, Life Enrichment Coordinator, (620) 223-5550, , if you would like some help in getting your items entered. She will be taking residents out to the fair for lunch, to get their items entered, to see the exhibits and to view the photo history of the Bourbon County Fair that will be on display this year. Join us in the fun this July and let’s make memories together!

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