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The healing power of nature

There is much research to support the benefits of therapeutic gardens. We have an area off the back patio that overlooks a beautiful pond. We are beginning the process of making it a nature and human habitat sanctuary.

Jolynne Mitchell, Presbyterian Village advisory council member and representative of Modern Woodman Financial, has donated $400 toward the new project for plants. The Village will supplement some of the costs of getting the space ready so that it can be used and enjoyed by all. We are excited that the project will be constructed in June and should be ready to enjoy by July.

Each year we hope to expand the space and add features to continue to draw people out into the garden. See the accompanying pictures to help you visualize what we plan to have in the space. (The actual items may vary but will be very similar, if not exact.)

Some tenants and employees of the Village have already begun taking lunch out on the patio. As the space becomes more inviting we expect to offer a full dining service on nice weather days, as well as a nice space to reflect, watch butterflies and birds, and be part of nature at its best.

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