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The right call: Couple reflects on years as bingo volunteers

You can’t say “bingo” at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village without Wayne and Peggy Thorpe coming to mind. After all, they’ve been volunteering to call bingo for more than 10 years.

“We got started after we met activity director Rita Peck. A friend was going to exercise class, and really enjoyed Rita, so we decided to start going, too. We offered to help her any way we could, and she had another lady that called bingo, but couldn’t anymore. She asked if we could do it every other Saturday, and when the other lady became ill, we started doing it every Saturday,” said Peggy.

Wayne and Peggy have been calling faithfully and know how much the residents enjoy partaking in this ubiquitous game.

“Our favorite part is visiting with the people. We enjoy the people,” said Peggy. “If our Presbyterian Village has unpleasant people, they don’t come to bingo.”

Wayne and Peggy call around 20-25 games each Saturday, though it varies on how many people are there.

“Residents put in four quarters to play, and there’s a blackout bingo at the end, worth 75 cents. The residents are so intent on and excited to get their four quarters back. I’m not sure who enjoys it more, us or the residents!”

We appreciate Wayne and Peggy volunteering their time to bring a fun tradition to Fort Scott Presbyterian Village every week.

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