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The surprising benefits of house plants

Bert Nichols truly has a green thumb when it comes to her blooming violets.

“You don’t want hot sun on them, but you want good light for them to thrive,” she says. “My apartment has big windows with a beautiful view that allow in great natural light that just brings your apartment to life. I really enjoy having the space to have all my plants in here.”

There are so many benefits to having house plants, such as improving décor, mental focus and physical health. Not only can they purify your air, but they can also boost your healing.  

The Top 5 benefits of house plants are:

1. Reduces carbon monoxide levels

2. Increases humidity

3. Reduces levels of some air pollutants and toxins

4. Reduces airborne dust

5. Keeps air temperatures lower

Adding a houseplant to your home can make a great welcoming addition. If you do have pets, just make sure the plant you choose is pet friendly.

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