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Music for the soul

Residents gathered on the Presbyterian Village patio on a beautiful evening to enjoy food, drinks and music by David Moses Byerly from the band the Barnstormers.

Before his visit, David suggested we put out a song request list for residents. When he came, he played a set list that he developed from the residents’ requests.

“It is always heartwarming and exciting to see someone’s face light up when they hear a favorite song from their youth or one that reminds them of friends and family,” David said.

Studies show that music can improve emotional, physical and cognitive well-being. Music therapy can offer some incredible benefits for the elderly, including:

  • improving language and speech skills
  • helping with memory processing and recall
  • reducing symptoms of dementia and cognitive decline
  • lowering stress and anxiety levels
  • improving sleep quality
  • boosting creativity and productivity
  • promoting faster healing and managing physical pain

Presbyterian Village residents had a great time, and David did an amazing job! We couldn’t have asked for a better evening, either. We look forward to having David back to play again.

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