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Quilt request results in Art is Ageless award

“Chubby Chicks”

Earline Foster said her son is largely responsible for her winning entry in the annual Art is Ageless® contest.

“I was shopping with my son, and he picked out that pattern for me to make,” Earlene said. “I think he’s planning on having some grandchildren.”

The pattern is called “Chubby Chicks” and includes illustrations of baby chicks with the same sort of faces but with different body styles.

Earline Foster took up quilting before the birth of her first grandchild. Now, 100 quilts and nearly 3 decades later, she’s still finding inspiration for new pieces. She and her daughter LuAnn Baker recently attended the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.

“It was easy to put together,” Earlene said. “I’m going to make another one. Things like that happen when you have a pattern that’s appealing to people.”

She first began quilting right before the birth of her first grandchild.

“I knew I had to make a quilt for that child,” she said. “That was in 1984. I’ve made quite a few since then. I have about seven or eight on my bed. I’ve probably made over 100.”

Most of those, she said, she has given to friends and relatives.

Take a few moments to help us congratulate Earlene on her winning entry!

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