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Resident places 3rd in poetry contest

Ruth Bahr

Ruth Bahr submitted an original poem in the third annual Hedgehog.INK poetry contest. The local bookstore's contest takes place in April during National Poetry Month and has three age categories: under 12, 13-20, and 21+. Ruth was the third place winner in the adult category with Fulfilled Wishes.

Fulfilled Wishes

Eight pumpkins lined up in a row
For Jack-o-Lantern time;
They’d waited for this great event
Since twisted off the vine.

Expecting to be chosen by
Uniqueness of design,
They gave it serious thought and hoped
The carver knew his line.

They chose the face they wished to have.
Their mission was to please.
It wasn’t easy to decide
If they should scare or tease.

Excited they shared their thoughts,
Revealed their last request.
Each took a turn to speak a line.
“I’ll look downright distressed.”

“I want the look of good and wise.”
“I’ll sport a prankish grin.”
“I’d like the look of horrified.”
“My face will look done in.”

The largest pumpkin chose “surprised”
Another one – “carefree”
The small one whispered in soft tones,
“My wish is to be—me.”

The carver scanned the pumpkin line.
His hands felt sure and skilled;
And when he’d finished carving them,
No wish was left unfilled.

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