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Unlocking a passion for puzzles

Jerry Elliott has a true love for the arts. Music, painting, crafting and more have always been activities he enjoys. But it wasn’t until Jerry moved into Fort Scott Presbyterian Village in late 2017 that he developed a passion for puzzling.

Walking down his hallway, one can’t help but stop and be amazed by all the beautiful puzzles he has completed. It commands admiration for the patience and dedication he’s put into completing these pieces. They aren’t just puzzles, but true works of art.

Jerry has always had an interest in castles and hot-air balloons. He has chosen to display several beautiful examples of each, including a 2,000-piece puzzle, “Castle Dream,” from a painting by Aimee Stewart.

“It took me just over a month to complete this. It’s not always about finding the time, but finding the space,” he said.

Several of Jerry’s puzzles are very large and detailed. Once completed, he applies a glue so they will stay together after they’re framed. The residents and staff appreciate Jerry’s passion for puzzling and sharing his puzzles so everyone can enjoy them.

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