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Residents, employees share their Fort Scott PMMA experiences

While Fort Scott Presbyterian Village has a lot to offer, the residents and staff make it the exceptional place that it is. Their friendliness and compassion make our community a home. We love hearing stories that remind us why we work each day to carry out the mission and values that guide our community. Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories, and thanks for being part of our Presbyterian Village family.

Minnie Lou Allen, resident

I initially wanted to move to Presbyterian Village because I was going to be having a knee replaced. I came and toured and ended up loving the two-bedroom apartment. I didn’t want to let it get away, so I decided to start renting it. I ended up not having my knee replaced but fell in love with [Presbyterian] Village: the building, the staff, and so many of my friends were there. It just felt like home. I feel like Presbyterian Village is kind of a hidden gem here in Fort Scott. I don’t think people realize all the benefits it has to offer to people like me.

Betty Barnes, resident

I moved in when [Presbyterian] Village first opened back in 1994, and my overall reason was I didn’t want to be alone. The safety and security is what has kept me here. I feel safe. I love the fact that I can go out and be as social as I want, but my apartment offers me all the privacy that I need. I have my kitchen if I want to cook, but I love the fact that I don’t have to. Living here has allowed me to be useful as well. I’ve helped out around the office, and I also coordinated religious services. We are truly a community. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Patsy Scott, resident

I don’t know why I didn’t move in sooner! OK, I do know why. I thought Presbyterian Village was something else completely, and I was not ready to make that move. It took me a while to move in, but after I did I was so happy. I wanted all my friends to move in as well, and so far, a few of them have. Everyone is just so kind here. I’m a very social person, and I really enjoy that we get to go down and have lunch together every day. There is exercise and many other activities. I still go out and do all my other activities as well going to eat and playing cards. I’m just so happy to be here.

Gerald Elliott, resident

I was living in a big house with this big yard and pool, and it was just too much to take care of. I had some friends living at [Presbyterian] Village and really just thought this was the best move for me. I’m so glad I did. I’ve made many other friends living here and really enjoy the time we spend together.

Kathy Powell, resident

I LOVE it here! I get the help I need, but I also get to help out a lot! I was living alone at home when I found out my good friend was moving into Presbyterian Village. I decided I would go ahead and make the move. I love being so close to all my good friends! I’ve made several new ones, and even reconnected with one. There is just so much to do, and it is great how easy it is for me to come and go! I feel like I can still be independent but know the staff is there if I ever do need any help.

Barb Scott, staff member

I am blessed to be a part of the Presbyterian Village team for more than 25 years, and it all started when my husband's widowed mother needed to downsize from her big home. She was still very active but wanted to be where she could get help if she needed it. When we toured [Presbyterian] Village, the staff and management made us feel so welcome. We were amazed at just everything: the beautiful building, the size of apartments to pick from, the level of care available if needed, activities, dining and so much more. It was hard to leave her home of many years, but she was able to bring her own furniture and special items to create a new home. She was even able to bring her two much-loved cats. She found that many of her lifelong friends and neighbors were here and very soon made many new friends. She loved it.

I was not looking for a job change, but after working more than 20 years in the nursing home setting, I saw this as the change that I needed and wanted to be a part of. The residents are amazing, and I work with an outstanding team of coworkers. This has been such a rewarding job. It is like my second home and family, and I am very thankful to be here.

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